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This is a renovation of an apartment filled with many owner’s passions.The floor and built-in shelves are both made of solid wood. Those large corner windows look inviting.

Located on the top floor, this southeast corner room welcomes you with natural materials. Softly divided by custom-built storage shelves, it’s a cozy space.

The storage shelves are incredibly versatile, allowing light and air to flow without completely dividing the space.

There’s a counter shelf by the window. Looks like a nice spot to sit down.

How about a workspace in the corner?

Conversely, the room at the back serves as a private space. Even within the same solid wood environment, the atmosphere changes significantly.

The kitchen is also divided by storage shelves.

That wallpaper on the back wall is unique and cute.

This custom-made kitchen is quite special. I love the warmth of wood and the handmade feel.

If we attach the workbench, it seems like the kitchen counter will become an easy-to-work L-shaped. And plenty of plaster on the walls.

Oh, how delightful, this cute accent you find!

There’s more storage on the back, and a door leading to the balcony. Very well thought out.

The counter table is custom-made too. Busy mornings here, cozy family meals by the window. That’s the scene I picture.

Pass through the arch in the plaster wall, and you’ll enter a 9㎡ room.

Ah, a petite staircase found.

Right after the arch, more storage, perfectly placed. Cute touches in the wallpapers and such, just endearing…

The gentle arches surrounding the windows and storage are quite distinctive. Looks like a place for good sleep.

The utilities meet expectations… No, they exceed them. And how adorable is that stained glass!

The combination of solid wood and plaster walls, a stylish switch cover, and a black faucet.

Even the toilet has a special vibe, and the bathroom is heartwarming too…

Lastly, be sure to check out the entrance hall. Custom-made shoe cabinets with plenty of storage.

This! Decorations framing this wooden-paneled wall!

The entrance hall is full of playful touches.

“Oh, is that Pac-Man?” Surely I’m not the only one who thought that…

With only 7 units in the entire building, it’s relatively quiet and charming to live here.

Such was the renovated room, reborn with plenty of love.

address Hongo, Meito Ward, Nagoya
rent 89,000 JPY
floor 77.85 ㎡ ( 837.666 ft2 )

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