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Irori fireplace, forest, cabin… these words, combined with the appearance of this room, create a scene that feels straight out of a folktale or a picture book.

With high ceilings and smooth, pleasant-looking floors, it’s clear that the tatami mats have been replaced with solid cedar flooring. It must feel wonderful to lie down on. The mountains can be seen just beyond the windows.

The forest is dense with trees, yet the sunlight streams in beautifully!

Surrounded 360 degrees by nature, this quaint house with dark brown wooden walls has a deeply appealing charm. Though it looks like a two-story house, the lower level is actually a semi-basement used for storage.

This setup gives the living space a single-story feel.

You don’t see this type of outdoor light fixture much anymore.

Let’s take a proper look from the entrance.

This nook could be transformed into a shoe rack or an antique shelf. The irori room is immediately to the right upon entering.

The previous resident was an artist who enjoyed the mountain and river scenery.

Living in such an environment would surely spark creativity and ideas.

A glass plate has been placed over the irori, making it usable as a regular table.

If friends come over, the irori can be used for grilling and boiling food.

Adjacent to this room is a six-tatami-mat wooden floor space.

It naturally feels like a bedroom.

The shoji screens and the warm orange light create a very cozy atmosphere.

Imagine waking up in the morning to sunlight streaming in from above. It must feel amazing! Such a setting would naturally regulate your internal clock and lifestyle rhythm, promoting a healthy living environment. The room also has ample storage.

There are perfect spots for displaying small items or flowers, which is delightful.

Light streams beautifully from the open entrance as well.

The kitchen is just beyond the irori room.

Here too, sunlight filters in wonderfully.

Imagine making breakfast while listening to the birds chirping and the rustling leaves, or slowly brewing a cup of coffee… just thinking about it feels so soothing.

The bathroom and toilet are right next to the kitchen.

This area can also serve as the washing machine space.

The bathroom has a large window, making it the perfect spot for a bath during daylight hours!

From the outside, you can spot the large window.

The toilet, surrounded by wood both inside and out, feels so comfortable that you might linger longer than necessary.

The furniture and refrigerator in the room can be used as is! The Japanese chest of drawers, likely bought from an antique shop, is in great condition and quite valuable.

The semi-basement storage area can be used not just for storage, but also as a workshop or studio.

You can freely use tools and paints.

Electrical outlets are fully equipped.

Now, you might worry about how remote this location is, but there’s an internet connection.

A campsite is nearby, and the nearest station, Uenohara Station, is about a 20-minute drive away. There are supermarkets and other amenities, so daily living won’t be an issue.

There’s a parking lot for several cars.

From the parking lot, it’s about a 50-meter walk down this path to the house.

Living here feels like a daily camping adventure. In winter, you’ll need to change your tires, but for outdoor enthusiasts, this setting is perfect.

It’s like a time slip, but with comfortable living in a mountain cabin.

For those who dislike the city, are tired of crowds, or want to live quietly and leisurely, this property is highly recommended.

address Akiyama, Uenohara, Yamanashi
floor 34 ㎡ ( 365.84 ft2 )

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