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Remarkably, this house was constructed 126 years ago during the 30th year of the Meiji era.

The weight of history and the freshness of renovation harmoniously blend, creating a unique atmosphere.

The exterior is surrounded by cedar panels.

Shielded from external views, it forms a perfect private space. Imagine sitting on the vench, relaxing. In the evening, lighting lanterns would surely create an extraordinary atmosphere.

With white stones covering the ground, stepping on stepping stones allows you to venture outside. The garden walls are finished in a plaster-like style, showcasing a handmade texture.

The layout is a spacious 1LDK (one-bedroom with a living room and dining area).

The use of glass is particularly charming, especially the lattice-patterned frosted glass, which exudes a retro ambiance.

The windows facing outside, with the top part being transparent glass, prevent a sense of confinement.

The living room and bedroom are separated by glass sliding doors. Sunlight from the veranda softly illuminates the living room through the glass, highlighting the dignified fixtures.

The depth of wood, aged for over 120 years, creates a serene atmosphere. It’s an interior where you can leisurely savor the weight of tradition.

The central cut in the pillars is an old-fashioned technique called “sebikiri,” introduced to prevent wood from cracking due to drying.

Storage, constructed from these trees, and newly added shelves can be found in seven locations.
Perhaps, you may not need to add additional storage furniture.

Finally, let me guide you through the surroundings.

Verny Park, perfect for a leisurely stroll, is designed in the style of a French garden. In the evening, the scenery is breathtaking, almost surreal, typical of a port town.

After dusk, head to “Dobu-ita Street.” Lined with American-style bars, you can enjoy the American atmosphere of Yokosuka.

The largest shopping mall in Yokosuka, “Coastal Bayside Stores,” is located near the station, ensuring you won’t face any shopping inconveniences.

Naturally rich areas like Jogashima, where you can see the stars, and the beach at Kannonzaki are easily accessible. Numerous tourism services leveraging the beauty of nature are available.

From Shioiri Station, taking the express train on the Keikyu Main Line allows you to reach the Tokyo metropolitan area in one go. Approximately 30 minutes to Yokohama and around 50 minutes to Shinagawa make it easy to occasionally commute to the capital while working remotely.

Living in this charming city, time may quickly slip away as you immerse yourself in the history and experiences of this single-story house. How about spending your days in this historically rich, yet modernized atmosphere?

address Iriyamazu, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
sale 18,200,000 JPY
floor 33 ㎡ ( 355.08 ft2 )

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