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Ideal for singles or couples, this home features a perfectly-sized living area adorned with custom-made shelves.

The living space is compactly organized but doesn’t feel cramped.

Generally, homes do not come with furniture included, so you may need to gradually acquire items that suit your rooms.

In the case of this house, the living area spans 10.46 tatami mats(approximately 186ft²), allowing for custom-made shelves and storage along the walls, effectively utilizing the somewhat compact space in a spacious and enriching manner.

Furthermore, the living area comes furnished with a table, two chairs, and ambient lighting.

In essence, this comfortable living space becomes entirely yours.

This charming Kyomachiya is located near Nijo Castle in Kyoto.The sliding doors are vermilion.

The entrance and hallway have enough space to accommodate bicycles.

From the entrance, you can see vermilion wallpaper and a staircase.

The abundant natural light, pouring down from the skylight, adds to the bright and airy atmosphere.

Unlike many traditional machiya stairs, which might make some feel uneasy due to the absence of handrails, this house’s staircase features sturdy black wrought-iron handrails, enhancing safety while also serving as a stylish accent in the space.

Another window above the staircase ensures that the house remains bright and cheerful.

The second-floor living area area features a part with a sloped ceiling, creating an expansive feeling beyond its actual dimensions. During the day, sunlight floods in generously from the balcony beyond the windows.

In addition to the natural warmth from the sun, the LDK comes equipped with underfloor heating.

The kitchen, seamlessly blending into the interior, features a three-burner stove with a grill. The proximity to the table makes serving dishes a breeze.

On the opposite side of the living space, you can place your favorite large sofa and table.

Keep small items neatly organized on the custom-made shelves for a consistently beautiful and tidy appearance.

The first floor accommodates a 7.9 tatami mat(approximately 140ft²) room and a sanitary space. With an upper opening and a window facing a small garden at the back, the Western-style room is another bright and airy space.

The celling is fitted with horizontal shoji screens, preventing warm air from escaping. This is appreciated!

The toilet exudes a cozy atmosphere, and there is the ceramic handwashing bowl.

The clean and stylish washroom, dressing room, and bathroom leave nothing to be desired. Place a drum-type washing machine, arrange towels in baskets on the shelves, and envision a scene of serene practicality.

While meticulously crafting a home over time is rewarding, having a space that immediately feels like home upon moving in allows for waking up excited and thoroughly enjoying daily life, inviting friends over, and relishing every moment from the very next day.

address Kodocho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto
sale 35,800,000 JPY
floor 43.3 ㎡ ( 465.908 ft2 )

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