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Introducing a property surrounded by nature in Yokosuka, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy the starry skies.

The vicinity of the property boasts an abundance of trees, with a portion of a forest within the premises. It’s an inviting and refreshing environment, where the trees gently encircle the property, almost as if they are safeguarding it.

The rustling of leaves, the melodies of birds—here, experiencing the sounds of nature becomes an everyday occurrence. Aptly named the “House with a View of the Stars,” it allows for stargazing through the leaves when night falls.

While it may be challenging to capture in photos, witnessing the sky on-site reveals silhouettes of trees melting into the night, with Jupiter, Mars, and sparkling first and second magnitude stars shimmering beyond.

Let’s take a look at the floor plan. The property is a two-story, 3LDK (three bedrooms with a living room, dining area, and kitchen), with a fully renovated interior. The living room is situated on the second floor.

From the entrance—on the first floor, there are two rooms, along with bathrooms and toilets.

From the smaller room, you can enjoy a beautiful view of green scenery. With direct access to the garden, it’s ideal for enjoying starry nights.

There is the bigger room on the first floor. The deep navy ceiling, softly illuminated in the night-sky-like darkness, gives a soothing ambiance. And remember, this property comes fully furnished, including the MUJI bed in the bedroom.

Even the washing machine is included—a fantastic and convenient addition. With Daikin air conditioners already installed in each room, a smooth start to your new life is ensured right after moving in.

Moving on to the second floor—there’s one room and a spacious living area.

The green living room is a delightful feature, framed windows capturing the ever-changing beauty of nature through the seasons. The wooden louvers subtly dividing the kitchen and living room add a stylish touch.

The kitchen is equally refreshing! The large front window is a pleasant surprise, allowing you to enjoy the evolving expressions of nature while cooking.

And yes, a refrigerator is already provided, contributing to savings on initial moving costs.

Opening the windows in each room will invite a refreshing breeze.

With this much greenery nearby, you might even catch a whiff of the trees. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly—making deep breaths in nature a habit might contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

There’s also a workroom next to the living room—where work fatigue can be healed by the greenery, sunlight filtering through the trees, and stargazing. Nature becomes a reliable companion in your workplace.

Finally, let’s explore nearby facilities. Despite being surrounded by greenery, the property is conveniently located—a 13-minute walk from Shioiri Station! Additionally, there’s a massive shopping mall near the station.

With the abundant nature of Miura and Yokosuka nearby, you can extend your exploration on days off. You can even take a boat to the only uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay, Sarushima!

At night, the charm continues. From Jogashima, you can enjoy sparkling stars, and for those in the mood for excitement, the “Dobu-ita Street” from Shioiri Station offers various shot bars where you can revel in an American atmosphere as the night unfolds.

Don’t forget Verny Park—a French garden-style park near the property. Breathtaking views unfold during the twilight hours, so be sure to visit and let the gradient of the evening and the night sky captivate your heart.

address Shioiri, Yokosuka, Kanagawa
sale 26,800,000 JPY
floor 83.63 ㎡ ( 899.8588 ft2 )

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